Audio Production


StaffordAV has a custom built audio production room. With modern digital production techniques, computers and equipment are constantly being changed and updated. Our focus therefore was on the room which is difficult to change. The goal, which we feel we have achieved, was to provide an acoustically controlled space, while maintaining a pleasant working environment.

Primarily built for post production work; audio mix-downs and mastering, as well as video editing, there is sufficient room for recording acoustic acts.



Studio 1

All aspects of the room are designed with acoustic purpose. Although the room is relatively dead, the front wall has been designed to be acoustically reflective so that while working in the room for long periods the lack of overall reverb does not become oppressive.

The acoustic panel above the front desk has 50cm of fibreglass wool behind it to absorb as much sound as possible, thus preventing any early reflections at the monitoring position. The rest of the ceiling is a slat absorber designed to take out low mid frequencies.

The acoustic foam on the wall is simply a covering. While it is effective at higher frequencies, the 30cm of fibreglass wool behind the fascia that provides most of the absorption. The lower part of the wall acts as a panel resonator designed to absorb lower frequencies. The result is an even absorption across the whole audio spectrum.


Combined with the custom monitors we can be sure that finished mixes will sound great where ever they are played.



 Recording session filmed on a compact camera. The sound was recorded live on to computer and then dubbed on to the video.