Live Sound


 With 40 years experience in designing, building and operating Sound Systems, you can be assured that we know how to make your show run smoothly and obtain the very best sound possible.

rock band

 From solo artists in the back room of a pub to chart topping bands at festivals our aim is always to make your show a great experience for yourselves and the audience.


Having great equipment is only the start. Understanding how it works and how to get the best from it is just as important, as is having the right attitude to help the band relax and perform at their best.

big band

Our systems are designed to be flexible, as such we don’t have designated system A system B and so on. You might need a 10KW PA with just a couple of inputs or a 500W PA with a four way monitor mix. If you have specific requirements we can provide for them. If you are unsure just give us as much information about the show as you can and we will advise what we think will be best.

The above is a video recorded at a gig, by Bomark Studios, where StaffordAV provided the sound. The audio was not separately multitracked so gives some idea of the sound we can provide.