Loudspeaker Design


When it comes to loudspeaker and horn/waveguide design, here at StaffordAV we have a wealth of practical experience backed up by an in-depth understanding of the design theory.

All our PA systems use in house, proprietary designs using our own custom glassfibre horns. Our customers and those who have used the systems would agree that the sound quality competes with the very best that other leading manufacturers have to offer.

While being a small company means that we can’t compete with mass produced, basic off the shelf, products, it does make us competitive on price if you need something a bit different.

Whether you need a bespoke studio monitor, a custom horn, or prototype work undertaking, get in touch and discuss your needs.


 30degree horn

The above image is a 30 degree prototype horn we were asked to design and develop for by a midland based production company wishing to produce their own brand of loudspeaker. The image below shoes the on and off axis un-equalised response in tests done by the company's designers.

horn response

Below is a custom loudspeaker we built as a home practice monitor. Incorporating the amplifier into the wedge monitor meant that the cable runs were kept short and controls were close at hand. The loudspeaker uses ply construction with a high gloss resin finish.

Custom Monitor

Below is a 1” throat, axis-symmetrical horn with a modified conical flare profile.

round horn